reason or revelation artwork from 2012 onwards

digital compositions  ...  just click any image

paradox of prophecy.jpg
odds on tomorrow.jpg
In Blue Heaven.jpg
In memoriam-Homo Deus.jpg
this side of heaven.jpg

mezzotints  ...  just click any image

if angels cast shadows.jpg
hope in shifting shadows.jpg
Echoes in the street.jpg

etchings  ...  just click any image

Balylon's call.jpg
the complete making of errors.jpg
A random act of hope.jpg

oil paintings  ...  just click any image

Jsalem palimpsest oil.jpg
bang goes the theory-oil.jpg
red redemption.jpg
colour of touchpaper.jpg
a little more time.jpg
red and raging still.jpg

mixed media  ...  just click any image

In Truth-In Error panel.jpg
J is for Jerusalem panel.jpg
New World Disorder panel.jpg
TERMINVS panel.jpg

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