if angels cast shadows...  selected artwork from 2015 onwards

digital compositions  ...  just click any image

Hope heals the hardest blows.jpg
in memoriam - homo deus.jpg

The above work is available from The Auction Collective as part of ArtUK's schools art education fundraiser

In Blue Heaven.jpg
of Conflict and Resolution.jpg
this side of heaven.jpg
The Spirit of Summer.jpg
good guy:bad guy*delete as applicable.jp

mezzotints  ...  just click any image

our better angels.jpg
Crisis danger opportinity.jpg
Passing Rituals.jpg
smile you're on camera.jpg
History repeating.jpg
Where hope still burns.jpg
reflections of the age.jpg
stealing somebody elses fire.jpg
Does my bomb.jpg

etchings  ...  just click any image

Balylon's call.jpg
Golden age of malfunction.jpg
L.f.Gk nostos-return home.jpg
audacity of imagination.jpg
futures call.jpg
guardian of the land.jpg
3 views of Jerusalem.jpg
A random act of hope.jpg

oil paintings  ...  just click any image

bang goes the theory.jpg
red redemption.jpg
Hope in a whisper.jpg
touchpaper blues.jpg
red and raging still.jpg
perfect sky.jpg
Jerusalem Palimpsest ll.jpg
Fads and Fallacies (truth).jpg

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mixed media  ...  just click any image

J dove.jpg
word on the street is.jpg
TERMINVS panel.jpg
J is for Jerusalem panel.jpg
Guide to life.jpg
New J Street.jpg
Citizens of Peace.jpg
still as statues*delete as applicable.jp
Proverbs of Peace.jpg