Collaborations and commissions

The Last Supper - a 12 foot oil on canvas

Research Distillation Realisation - commissioned installation at the Royal Scottish Academy of Fine Art

Dreaming of Jerusalem - a cross-media string quartet, ambient sound and photography collaboration

Duffin / Zapala - artwork made in collaboration with artist Daria Zapala


The Last Supper

After more than fourteen months in the making, the new "Last Supper" was unveiled on 4 March 2012.

"When fire destroyed the first spectacular fourteen foot oil painting in 2009 (commissioned by Langside Parish Church for "1999 Year of Architecture and Design") it had just passed its 10th birthday.

The new "Last Supper" is a visually rich, yet restrained and evocative picture. There is much to see and take in, and perhaps it needs repeated viewings to even begin to notice some of the attention to detail that Duffin has applied

to the task.

This is a painting that ought to both impress and provoke.

It is a work of art that won't sit quietly in its own allocated space. It is one that asks to be questioned.

Tell us if we are wrong!"                             (PRESS RELEASE)

The Duffin family portrait (including the artist, third from the right)

The first version, completed in 1999 was lost when the church was destroyed by fire in 2009


Research Distillation Realisation   The hidden aspects of an artist's work.

An Installation for the Royal Scottish Academy of Fine Art

Towards the end of 2010 Victoria Crowe RSA, the Convener for the up-coming 2011 Royal Scottish Academy Annual exhibition invited me to contribute to the exhibition with the aim of giving the viewing public an insight into the artist's sources of inspiration and working methods.

With this in mind I recreated my studio wall in the gallery. This commences at the left hand side with material such as texts, photographs (some of mine and some from various magazines or newspapers), a panoramic view of Jerusalem I photographed from the roof of the Jerusalem Print Workshop in 1996 alongside the "silent hands" drawings. This grows into the middle part of the wall with working drawings and printmaking proofs containing scribbled notes on development finally showing two finished, framed works on the right.

Complementing this I included two cross media works for string quartet, photography and ambient sound titled "Dreaming of Jerusalem" and "Grace Notes" (presented on screen via DVD) made in collaboration with composer Malcolm Lindsay and photographer Melanie Sim.

Research material was also presented in a display case (see below) as my studio, and subsequently my artwork, contains much in the way of found or collected objects.

Viewers responses:

"Really liked the sense of story and progression revealed through the sketches, photos and graffiti".

"The display cabinet worked really well - just as moving as the wall of art".

"I felt a privilege to be part of it."


Dreaming of Jerusalem - cross-media

Dreaming of Jerusalem was conceived and produced as a cross media work by the Scottish composer Malcolm Lindsay. Malcolm responded to Stuart Duffin's exhibition of the same title in 1997 following his initial visit in to Jerusalem 1996.

In 1998 when Stuart was returning to Jerusalem, Malcolm asked him to capture both the sounds of the city on audio tape and the visuals on stills film. As Malcolm commenced writing the piece for string quartet inspired by what Stuart brought back, photographer Melanie Sims began choreographing the audio visual elements for live performance.

The work was premiered at Cottier's Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland in 1998 as part of Malcolm Lindsay's "Hardest Lines", a cross media performance for string quartet, photography, digital film/imaging, video and poetry.


Duffin / Zapala - artwork made in collaboration with artist Daria Zapala

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