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a series of short one page essays

about the artwork

reason or revelation - essay

sacred science - essay

still dreaming of jerusalem - essay

the colour of ashes - essay

nostalgia - essay

boys on film - essay

want to know what makes this artist tick?

a "20 questions" interview

what exactly is it?

a brief  guide to the history and techniques

the artist's own approach to making mezzotints and etchings

what do all these numbers and letters on the margin mean?

what style of frame would suit and protect the artworks?

concerning both mezzotint and etching

why "original" print?

how original prints are made

the artist's own techniques

signing and numbering prints

framing the artworks

health & safety


studios around the world that I work/have worked in

printmakers' workshops

what's on?

curriculum vitæ

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