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New Work ... for Autumn 2020 next web launch due October...

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We are lucky. We have been born in a wealthy country. But...        to find out, read my BLOG


Main Galleries Below

Reason or Revelation artwork from 2012 onwards

"stunning work from a very

  talented guy, a true inspiration

  for peace"

Sacred Science artwork from 2001 - 2011

"a visual language that merges   personal and universal themes  

...and speaks to us of a  

new world order"

Dreaming of Jerusalem artwork from 1996 - 2000

"exquisite, captivating...primal and

  profoundly evocative as if someone

  were playing a particularly

  resonant instrument"

The Colour of Ashes artwork from 1992 - 1995

"imbued with a mysterious air of  

ominous melancholy  

this quiet questioning voice  

has it's place too"

~       ~

Nostal´g|ia artwork from 1984 - 1990

"thanks for the memories, gentle

  and magical"

Boys on Film artwork from 1982 - 1984

"they are subtle, idiosyncratic  

collage-style compositions  

and I'm glad to see he has  

a witty streak too"

Photography from 1987 onwards  / Jerusalem 2016 residency

Collaborations and Commissions

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"Touchpaper Blues" : oil on canvas, 2020, 44.5x122cm £3300